MiaBella Image Viewer 2.9.1

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The MiaBella Image Viewer displays a large number of pictures and images.

The MiaBella Image Viewer is a program for displaying hundreds of pictures on your mobile device. The MiaBella Image Viewer features an interactive 3D interface for convenient browsing of a large number of images.

This is a demonstration version. To load custom photo albums, purchase the new MiaBella 3D Live Wallpaper!


Swipe a finger across your touch screen to rotate the sphere and change which image is shown in a larger size at the top right of the screen.

Spread two fingers apart to zoom into the 3D scene. Pinch two fingers together to move back out.

Move two fingers up simultaneously to increase the size of the image displayed at the top right of the screen. Move two fingers down together to decrease the size of that image.

Tap once on the screen to start a demonstration. Tap once again to stop the demonstration.

Tap twice on the screen to hide the large picture at the top right of the screen. To bring that picture back, tap twice again.

When you first run this program, it only loads a subset of your pictures. You can change this by pressing the menu key your mobile device and then selecting ‘Settings’. Here you can set the maximum number of pictures to load.

MiaBella Image Viewer
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